a) Two pilot installations (one in Mogila and one in Halkidona) for demonstration of economic and social benefits of using agricultural waste for heating, including decreased operating costs.

b) Three technical studies for identification of the least expensive „local solutions” for utilization of agricultural waste biomass (straw) as fuel for heating.

c) Market analysis and generic business plan for producing briquettes/pellets from straw in CBC-Region

d) Software (expert systems) for estimation of extra incomes for farmers and agro-enterprises by using straw for production of briquettes/pellets.

e) Public Awareness Campaign for direct, out of project replication of biomass heating systems: Web portal, leaflets, brochures, trainings, study trips etc.


This project is conventionally designated as the very first step in a waste biomass (straw) market development in CBC-Region.

Of course the implemented demonstration sites won’t be able to influence the energy balance of the region or its rural economic development, but they will foster investments in straw briquettes/ pellets production as well as in installation of biomass fuelled heating systems in the CBC-Region.

Prepared studies, business plan and market analysis, developed software (expert system) for prediction of incomes/savings and especially installed demonstration plants will result in higher investments in using agricultural waste biomass (especially straw) in CBC-Region.

Learning by seeing principle (by visiting operating demonstration sites) will enable successful dissemination and replication of the (on-site) learned lessons for profitability of investing in production of straw briquettes/pellets not only in CBC-Region but countries wide.

As result of increased investments in production of straw briquettes/pellets other new economic activities will be created dealing with design, specification, procurement, supply and maintenance of the agricultural equipment and biomass fuel and heating systems. The likelihood of a manufacturing and assembly operation for renewable energy systems is also possible.