Overall objective of the project is to contribute toward economic development of rural areas in CBC-region through overcoming barriers for economically viable usage of agricultural waste biomass (straw) by providing examples of best practice (including demonstration plants) in the use of agriculture waste biomass fuelled energy systems.

The proposed project has the following specific objectives:

  • To develop the commercial infrastructure to produce, promote, market and sell biomass fuels (pellets/ briquettes) from straw;
  • To develop demonstration plants for producing and using biomass fuels (pellets/ briquettes) from straw on a phased basis focusing first on basic amenity in public buildings – heating systems;
  • To create a transaction based market for waste biomass fuel (straw) on the basis of supply contracts for heating systems in demonstration plants;
  • To develop training, information and technology transfer capacities for producing and using biomass fuels (pellets/ briquettes) from straw.